The Fortify Approach

Creating the efficient future of oil and gas

A letter from Tony Schnur, CEO

To our shareholders:

A letter from Tony Schnur, CEO

To our shareholders:

At Fortify Energy, we are longtime energy pros and are proud of the contribution that the oil and gas sector makes to our communities and country. We are also highly disciplined investment managers. Our primary mission is to deliver maximum value to shareholders.

At the same time, we know that repeated upheavals in the world energy market have created cycles of chaos for participants in the oil and gas industry, including producers and investors.

We also recognize our responsibility to the environment, and that over the coming decades, fossil fuels will represent a diminishing proportion of energy use as lower-carbon energy technologies become more feasible.

So, how do you increase returns and reduce risk with a volatile commodity that will be essential for decades but that includes inevitable dislocations over time?

Harness Dislocations

Some companies explore for energy in the hope of finding new sources with unusually attractive production costs. We respect this approach, but we don’t pursue it because it is high cost and high risk. And we don’t fight against dislocations in the industry—we take advantage of them.

Dislocations across the industry are repeatedly created by a variety of factors including insufficient capital availability to maintain assets, lack of management focus on ways to improve cost structures, and the shortage of applicable expertise to increase production. Fortify Energy uses our experience, expertise, and financial resources to take advantage of such situations for the benefit of our shareholders.

We created Fortify Energy because we see that the profitable path in energy production is selective acquisition combined with relentless efficiency. This means efficiency across all aspects, including technical, commercial, and operational.

Producing oil and gas efficiently isn’t only better for shareholders, it’s better for the environment, too. Producing efficiently means that fewer wells are needed, fewer resources need to be put into finding and developing new sources, and, as a bonus, there’s less reliance on foreign sources of energy.

The Fortify Approach

In our daily business, we are laser-focused on maximizing free cash flow, not the size of our holdings. That’s another reason we are so selective about the producing properties we add to the Fortify Energy portfolio.

Fortify Energy is an affiliate of Arena Investors, a $3.5 billion institutional asset manager with extensive experience in special situations investing and the energy sector. Our partnership with Arena underpins our strength and our commitment to highly disciplined financial management.

Welcome to Fortify Energy, the efficient future of oil and gas!

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